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Seeing how my 4 month old son has grown musically is amazing. I didn't realize that a child so young can be so greatly impacted by music. We love the class!


There are many things I love about Sandcastle Music Together but the one thing that I especially cherish is that my daughter feels so comfortable there. She sings, dances, hugs, talks, cries, laughs, and throws temper tantrums, just like at home! She is always greeted with a hello and smile from Susan and Nicole as well as the other Moms and kids. I don't know how Nicole does it but she is a master of creating a comfortable, open, but structured environment. We have been a fan for three years and we are hoping to be involved for many years to come.

Sammy Joe's Mom, Beth

Sandcastle Music Classes for Babies has enriched the lives of our twins and our entire family tremendously. We can see direct results the music classes have on the language and music development of our twins. Its sophisticated yet playful, well structured classes with carefully selected music makes us await each class with excitement. It is such a joy to see how my children’s eyes light up, their bodies start moving and they start tuning in when they hear any hint of the songs we sing in class. Mom of Gioia and Mila (2)

Nadine Martins

I attended a Music Together® demo class and I was hooked! I was looking for an activity that could help my daughter, a new mom, have fun with her 5 month old baby and have it be a positive and learning experience for both. It was everything I had hoped for and so much more! My daughter is now singing to her daughter the songs from the class and both are thoroughly enjoying the shared songs and memories. An added bonus is that I attended as well, and not only had a fantastic time, but had quality bonding time with my granddaughter (and daughter). Best present I have given to my daughter and granddaughter! Nicole is fantastic as a teacher…a gentle and loving guide. I really appreciated how she explained to the adults the educational value in the songs and activities we were doing in class and what we could do at home. This program gets my highest recommendation!
-mother of Alyssa and grandmother of Elizabeth-


After one 10 week session, I noticed my 2 1/2 yr. old grandson beating (conducting) in rhythm to his little elmo "guitar" songs. He started singing little patterns which I repeat back to him. Enjoying the game, he then repeats my patterns. It's clear he is learning and having fun with Sandcastle Music Together.

Yiayia (grandma) Andriana

10am Tuesday is great for us, we really like all of our friends in the class. :-) As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of your program. It has been really positive for both of my children. I have seen quite a few children's music programs in the area and for us, this is heads and tails above the rest.


...I really wanted to thank you both for teaching her - and us - to be a musical family. We were out to dinner the other night at a place with live music and Audrey jumped up and started using her napkin for an impromptu 'scarf dance'. She isn't 3 yet and can carry a tune on-key and makes up her own songs often. My friend was amazed when she picked up a whistle and started whistling 'jingle bells' with perfect rhythm all the way through. The skills she's learned are gratifying, but I'm mostly grateful for the impact that your classes have had on our lives. Because you offered a class on Saturday, my husband was able to participate in an interactive class with Audrey for the first time. He was able to share his love of music with her, and their Saturday mornings together were priceless. The classes also inspired percussion instrument-themed Easter baskets and stockings. Tony dusted off his guitar, bought some children's song books, and learned some songs they could sing together. Audrey has developed a love of music and movement that we will continue to foster. We can see the difference your classes have made for us as a family, and we thank you very much.

(Written by a mom after the family moved away)

a mom