Class Descriptions

Babies Class (under 9 months)

This class is designed for first time Music Together® participants who want an introduction to Music Together in a babies only environment. Songs and activities are geared toward non-mobile babies. Available by request.

Mixed Ages (Newborn-5 yr)

Research has shown that young children learn best in a mixed-age group. We feel that this class creates a family-like atmosphere in which parents and children feel more comfortable.

Big Kids (5 to 7 year olds)

This class lays the foundation for basic music literacy.
Classes will have structured activities such as conducting, game songs, solo and ensemble experiences, improvisation, movement, music-reading readiness, solfège and more.
The activities are designed to satisfy both the fun-loving and challenge-ready natures of 5-, 6-, and 7-year-olds and provide opportunities for leadership, confidence building, and social interactions with peers.


Experience the power of making Music Together across generations! Music Together Generations is a Mixed Age class with all the same joyful and engaging music and movement activities, built on the same attention to current research in early childhood development, with a special twist. Here you and your child get to develop intergenerational relationships and become more comfortable engaging with older adults. This is the perfect class for families who live far from their own grandparents, and want to experience that special bond that can happen between the very young and the elderly.

Share The Joy of Family Music® with the other families in class, and with the 'Grand Friends' you will meet in the Generations class.