Babies Class, Outdoor, Socially Distanced

Nicole / Susan
Susan's house (location map)
Wednesday, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
09/16/20 - 11/18/20 (10 weeks)


A delightful class for precrawling babies (under 9 months), to build meaningful relationships between parents and babies in the context of music. Songs and activities learned in class transfer seamlessly to the home environment, giving parents tools for engaging musically with baby while changing diapers, bathing, taking a walk, and settling down for sleep - and don't forget dancing together in the livingroom! Recommend as a one session class as an introduction to the Mixed Age classes.

Upcoming Meetings
10/28/20    12:30 PM Wednesday 10/28/20 12:30 PM
11/04/20    12:30 PM Wednesday 11/04/20 12:30 PM
11/11/20    12:30 PM Wednesday 11/11/20 12:30 PM
11/18/20    12:30 PM Wednesday 11/18/20 12:30 PM