Screen Free Classes

Nicole McKenzie
Screenfree Mixed Age Class (location info)
Mon - Sun, TBA
09/14/20 - 11/22/20 (10 weeks)


Screen-free Music Together® Classes!
 Family fun making music at home.
Sing with abandon! Dance like no one's watching! Experiment with rhythms and making up new, silly verses! 
All while staying safe at home!
 Quality,  research-based, classes providing appropriate early childhood educational and age-appropriate activities. Singing, dancing, manipulatives, and no screen time involved!
In this class, our experienced teacher, Nicole, leads you through her class with singing,  large movement, and intimate lap songs. Activities with egg shakers, scarves, and  sticks are described and use of the Maracas songbook will be incorporated. 
We will provide an introduction video for new families which will demonstrate typical activities, and explain the philosophy of our program and how to implement it at home.
With your order you will receive MP3 files for 3 different class lessons covering all 25 songs, the Maracas Materials of a song book with a code for the online Family Music Zone, a CD (as well as egg shakers, sticks, and scarves for use with the classes while supplies last). Rhythm instruments for family Play-a-Long, kitchen instruments, and music for the free dance will be supplied by you.
Cost of the Maracas MP3 classes is $100. Register at our website 
Payment can be made with a credit card, or a check can be mailed to
 1033 Camino del Rio, Santa Barbara, CA, 93110.
We will use the address in your registration to either deliver or mail you the materials, and send you the MP3 via email.
Now is a great time to connect with 
Sandcastle Music Together classes!
Online summer session classes will start in mid June using Zoom.

Upcoming Meetings
10/27/20    TBA Tuesday 10/27/20 TBA
10/28/20    TBA Wednesday 10/28/20 TBA
10/29/20    TBA Thursday 10/29/20 TBA
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10/31/20    TBA Saturday 10/31/20 TBA
11/01/20    TBA Sunday 11/01/20 TBA
11/02/20    TBA Monday 11/02/20 TBA
11/03/20    TBA Tuesday 11/03/20 TBA
11/04/20    TBA Wednesday 11/04/20 TBA
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11/09/20    TBA Monday 11/09/20 TBA
11/10/20    TBA Tuesday 11/10/20 TBA
11/11/20    TBA Wednesday 11/11/20 TBA
11/12/20    TBA Thursday 11/12/20 TBA
11/13/20    TBA Friday 11/13/20 TBA
11/14/20    TBA Saturday 11/14/20 TBA
11/15/20    TBA Sunday 11/15/20 TBA
11/16/20    TBA Monday 11/16/20 TBA
11/17/20    TBA Tuesday 11/17/20 TBA
11/18/20    TBA Wednesday 11/18/20 TBA
11/19/20    TBA Thursday 11/19/20 TBA
11/20/20    TBA Friday 11/20/20 TBA
11/21/20    TBA Saturday 11/21/20 TBA
11/22/20    TBA Sunday 11/22/20 TBA