Mixed Age Classes


What is mixed age learning?

Our mixed age classes are specially designed for parents or caregivers and their child/children from age newborn up to kindergarten. Research has shown that young children learn best when they are in the type of setting that mirrors a family - children of varying ages along with their parents and/or other loving adults.

Classes include many fun, developmentally appropriate music activities, including instrument play, singing, rhythmic chants, lots of opportunities for wiggling, crawling, jumping, bouncing, and more! Older children enjoy contributing their ideas during songs, and younger children are inspired by the older children.

We are sensitive to many types of learners, and during class you may notice some children sitting quietly (absorbing information, but not outwardly participating), some children moving their bodies (rhythm is learned through the body), and some children dancing and singing their hearts out.  


"Mixed Age" children's music classes include: 

  • Songbook (one for each semester)
  • CD/DVD with songbook songs and activities
  • Babies in Mixed-age Classes Family Guide with activity ideas and baby development facts
  • Music development milestones chart 



Other Classes:

(pre-crawlers) Music Classes

Instrument Play
(ages 5, 6, 7) Music Classes