Babies Classes (pre-crawlers)


Did you know that your baby begins learning music skills from the moment of birth, and even before? It's true! Just like babies begin learning language from their earliest days, they also can learn music. Music skills - singing in tune, having good rhythm, enjoying music making, and appreciating music - are all skills that your baby starts learning at birth. What can you do to encourage these skills to develop, and nurture your baby's music growth?


Music Together® has developed a special class just for infants. The music activities and materials for this class are specially designed for parents who want to learn how to nurture music development in their babies. Through learning ways to encourage music growth in your baby, you will also learn ways to interact to encourage general growth and brain development in your baby.

New parents get to meet other parents & caregivers and learn engaging music activities they can recreate at home with their baby.

We have a wonderful class for you and your baby!
Classes consist of 45 minutes of special time to play with your baby in a rich music environment each week. Then take the ideas home and strengthen the bond between you and your baby. 

 Baby music classes include:


  • Songbook (one for each semester)
  • CD/DVD with songbook songs and activities 
  • Babies Class Family Guide (including activity ideas and facts about baby development)
  • Music development milestones chart






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